How To Switch Hosting Providers Without Downtime?

Many website owners want to change their web hosting providers if they are not providing them up to the mark high quality services. However, very few know the correct procedure that needs to be followed while shifting the website from one host to another. A small mistake on your part while performing this task can risk your entire website and in some cases you can even lose all your content.

Why Downtime is Undesirable?

It is therefore very important that you know the entire procedure of shifting your website accurately and perform it as such as well. Many websites owners want to know how they can shift their website from one host to another without having down time. We know a good website has visitors accessing it all the time therefore it is not ideal for such a website to have a down time of even a few minutes.

Inform Your Users – Just in Case!

Now the procedure to switch hosting provider without downtime is basically pretty simple. However, before telling the procedure, I would advise you that you should perform this activity at a time when you have minimum number of users on your site. Apart from that, you should announce the time 3 to 4 days in advance. You can post a sticky note that tells the user about change in hosting servers and mentions that site might be a little slow or have little issues. This will compensate for any small problems that you might encounter while performing the listed procedure.

Simple Steps to Shift Hosting without Downtime:

Now let’s see the steps that need to be performed to switch hosting providers without downtime:

The first step is of course choosing the service provider you are shifting to. Do detailed analysis to make sure that it is really the plan that will run your site flawlessly. Perform proper research on hosting service you want by reading hosting reviews from other clients. Check for all kinds of script compatibility and capacity/bandwidth issues as well.

Second step is to make a backup of your updated site and store it in a secure location. It Is very important that the backup is made because if you encounter a problem, the backup will be the only thing that will help you make things right again. The shifting will be done using this backup as well so make sure that it is the most updated copy of all your files.

Now load all of the files you saved to the new host. You can save them under the IP address for the time being. However, if you don’t have a dedicated IP address, ask the web hosting company to give you a temporary subdomain name so that you can shift your website using that url. Most companies will grant this request without any issues. Now after placing your files on the server, you would be able to see the website online using the temporary url.

Now as a last step, you should initiate domain name change. You will get confirmation regarding change in a few hours. Usually these days it just takes a few minutes. Now you can cancel your subscription to the old hosting company.

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