Best Protein Supplement for Getting Shreded

Best protein supplement for getting shredded is one that has minimum carbs and fats.

A question that comes up is:

Should the best protein supplement have carbs and fat in it?

The answer is a big fat NO, the best protein supplement should have the minimum amounts of carbs and fat, here is why:

carbs and fat are for bodybuilders
the carbs and fats from a protein supplement are detrimental for your body
your body is not good at digesting combination’s
your digestive capacity is limited
you need to speed up amino acid uptake

In this two part article I am going to break down this question into two parts. In this article I will address the issue of: should the best protein supplement have carbs in it? and in the next I will be discussing: should the best protein supplement have fat in it?

Let’s get going.

If you spend any time on bodybuilding forums or any other place that has any sort of advice on which is the best protein supplement you will most certainly find out that the best protein supplement has to have huge amounts of carbs. The reasons they give for the high amounts of carbs are:

– energy, so that you can replenish glycogen stores;

– the insulin spike effect, this has two reasons behind it: insulin promotes anabolism (thought to help the building of muscle) and insulin improves amino acid uptake.

Let me address them in order.First off, you don’t need to replenish your glycogen stores, here’s why:

Your body already has stores of fat that it can convert to carbs and use that to replenish your glycogen stores — you don’t need to give it any more;

NOTE: There are people who have legitimate reasons to think they might need carbs in their protein supplement. Those are the people that keep their body fat levels in the single digit, BUT even those people might not actually require it. You see, if you eat 6 meals a day, you don’t need a protein supplement to give you carbs. No, all that your protein supplement needs to do is provide you with amino acids. Amino acids from the best protein that works for you that is.

So stop thinking that you need all those carbs for energy, here’s a great quote: man can survive on one third of his food intake, the rest of that food goes to feed disease.

You are already overfed, trust me, we all are. The abundance of food that exists guarantees that you are never at a loss for calories. And I will tell you something else, all these years on a high calorie diet has made your metabolism inefficient, it doesn’t get all the energy it could from the food you eat.

And now you’re gonna give it even more carbs and fat? this isn’t smart at all. Trust me, if you keep your bodies protein needs met you will keep gaining muscle — fats and carbs are never gonna be, for normal people, a limiting factor in their development.

Now let me tell you where the origin of this myth is. It comes from body builders. If you’re a body builder and you do nothing else but work hard in the gym day in day out, this sort of thing can be a problem and can limit your progress, but for normal people like you and me this sort of issue will NEVER come up. So stop worrying about your carb intake, those are just empty calories. Eat some damn chocolate, it is actually better for you because it actually stands a chance to have some nutritional value on top of its macro nutrient value — such as vitamins, minerals and chocolate polyphenols.

So if you really feel that you need energy, eat the chocolate and let your protein supplement be free of fats and carbs.

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