Acne Treatment

How do i treat my acne? This is one of the most primary questions people ask themselves time and again, every time they see a pimple surface on their beautiful skin. Acne, without doubt is one of the most widely suffered skin problem among thousands of people all through the globe. Some suffer from acne caused due to an oily skin while others suffer from acne due to a wrong eating habit.

Acne is caused due to several reasons and hence, acne treatment varies based on their causes. However, there are several other factors that contribute to the formation of acne. For instance, not selecting the right skin products, not cleaning your skin regularly, using oily cosmetic products, etc. all contributes to your acne prone skin. Hence, if you really wish to find the best acne treatment for your skin, it is essential that you learn about the factors that lead to acne and only then select the right treatment for your skin.

Factors that lead to acne

1.Hormonal imbalance
One of the major factors that lead to acne is hormonal imbalance. during the puberty age when the body hormones are all shooting up and down, a huge group of teenagers suffer from acne. the only acne treatment for such people is a dermatologist’s prescription and proper healthy diet.

2.Oily skin
The skin type in people varies from oily to normal and dry skin. however, a large number of people have an oily skin type which easily attracts dirt and pollutants to its surface, thus leading to acne.

3.Improper diet
Eating high calorie food such as burgers, fries, chips, cakes, pastries, etc. all lead to an oily skin, and hence acne. thus, you should probably select a well balanced diet including fibrous vegetables and fruits to revive your inner health and skin. high consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol also lead to acne.

4.Stress and lack of sleep
In today’s hectic schedule, stress is a part of our life. And with stress comes acne, a part of our stressful life. Thus, it is extremely essential that you take proper sleep and keep stress at bay.

Acne Treatment
Controlling the above mentions factors is already an effectual acne treatment. If you learn to keep these factors within their limits, you may get successful in preventing acne completely. However, if you still have problems, here are a few acne treatments you can follow for a clear beautiful skin

•Over-the-counter acne medications: Use commercially available skin products that include mild salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur or resorcinol, etc. However, use these medications only after an initial consultation with a dermatologist.

•Topical treatments: the first thing doctors prescribe you when you take their help for acne is that of topical creams and ointments that help you fight acne. As a part of acne treatment, you can use creams including adapalene, tretinoin, etc. Usually, doctors themselves prescribe these medicated creams to fight bacterial and fungal infections on your skin.

•Antibiotics: Before you start treating acne from the surface, it is important that you start treating them from within you body. Antibiotics help you fight acne from within. Thus, when you start with acne treatment, it is essential you also consume a few prescribed antibiotics to fight acne.

•Radiation or laser therapy: the laser lights or the radiations help kill acne from within. The light penetrates into your skin and kills the bacteria, thus also killing the acne on your skin.

•Medicated cosmetic procedures: Chemical peels, microdermabrasion are some of the recent acne treatment procedures that are followed by doctors for curing acne form your skin. These treatments are effectual enough to also remove the acne scars form your skin.

Apart from these, you can also follow certain home remedies to completely cure acne and enjoy a flawless beautiful skin.

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